Moving and Packing Tips

It’s certainly in your moving companies best interest to have your belongings securely if not professionally packed. It saves space and reduces the chance of any issues.

We offer complete packing services but we completely understand if a customer wants to handle the packing themselves. It reduces the cost of the move and provides more control over the moving process.

That being said, we decided it sounded like a good idea to offer some packing tips and some general moving advice. So without further ado and in an effort to not be long-winded, here we go.

Plan Ahead
Get your free estimate and plan your move well in advance. This will provide ample time to plan what’s going to make the move and what’s not.

It also helps your moving company a great deal as they too have to plan how many movers are needed as well as what equipment to bring with them.

It just provides for a much smoother experience on both sides.

Clear Out The Clutter
This single step probably has the biggest impact on your moving experience. As mentioned above, some items may not make the cut. 

Have a garage sale, give stuff away to friends, donate items to the local Goodwill or Salvation army, and drag old furniture out to the curb.

You may even be able to generate the funds needed to cover the cost of the move and more.

Do whatever it takes to reduce the clutter and the number of items you actually need to pack and move. Simplify the entire process and start fresher at the other end.

Moving Clothing
For clothes that are hung up in the closet, slide a garbage bag from underneath over as many articles of clothing that will comfortably fit. Cinch the bag at the top by the hooks of the hanger and leave them there until it’s time to move. We recommend the industrial contractor bags for this but any will work.

Clothing in your drawers can be left in the drawers. Clothing also works great as a substitute for bubble wrap for packing dishes, glasses, and other breakables.

Packing the Kitchen
If your pots and pans don’t stack neatly use them as containers for kitchen items like spices and dish towels. In fact, anything that can hold items securely should be used as a container. Secure the lids with rubber bands as they are much easier to remove than tape.

For plates, dishes, and other breakables see the above section pertaining to clothing. You can also use styrofoam or paper plates when stacking plates.

Socks are great padding for glasses, clean socks are preferable of course but you will probably end up washing both when they arrive at your destination.

Electronic Devices
Anyone who has ever worked on machinery in the modern era can relate to this one. It makes good sense to take pictures of how your devices are wired before you disconnect them. Smartphones really help of regarding pictures.

When the time comes to rewire your televisions, computers, and other electronic devices you will have an easy-to-read roadmap. Nothing is more valuable than time, save yourself some and plan ahead with your electronic devices.

Moving Boxes
Grocery stores, liquor stores, and other large retail outlets will constantly be going through cardboard boxes and are great places to check for free boxes.

Liquor stores are especially helpful in finding the boxes that are divided into smaller sections. These types of boxes work great for glassware and other fragile items you want to keep separate. Combine this with the sock idea from above for extra padding.

Craigslist is another place to find boxes and U-Haul has a ‘box exchange’ section on their website. The majority of listings are for people who are actually looking for boxes and not offering them. It’s worth a look perhaps, and it certainly appears that it would be a great place to resell your boxes when you’re done with them.

Pack your heavier items in your smaller boxes. You don’t want the bottom of the box to burst open, the more surface area you have to cover the greater that chance is going to be.

Color-code your boxes if possible but at the very least label them. Different colored tape works great as do markers. It’s worth it to label not only the room they belong in but what’s inside the boxes as well. This will help a great deal during the unloading process.

If you have to disassemble anything take pictures and keep any screws, nuts, bolts, and other fasteners in a labeled plastic bag.

A Few More Random Ideas
Egg cartons work great for jewelry, keep them divided and safe. Use a paper towel or two to keep them padded and securely in place.

Finish your packing before moving day, don’t wait until the last minute to prepare. It’s always a great stress reducer to have everything prepped and ready before the moving truck arrives.

Packing supplies like plastic wrap and packing tape may be able to be found on sites like the above mentioned Craigslist and the U-Haul Box Exchange. It’s certainly worth a look, and those sites can probably help you to sell of any packing supplies you don’t end up using.

A Final Word
Do your research, finding the right moving company for the job is not as hard as it used to be. By browsing their websites, social media, and online reviews you should be able to get an idea of who you’re dealing with.

By all means, give them a call and get a free estimate. Any company worth their salt is going to offer a free estimate.

Hopefully, you find the above-mentioned write-up beneficial to you in your moving process. If you have any other personal tips that have helped you over the years please don’t hesitate to share them with us through our contact page.

This article is a work in progress, so to speak. We are always looking for new and better ways to provide the best moving experience possible.

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