Our Equipment and Our Technique

Modern-day moving and hauling has gone well beyond a pile of boxes, strong backs, and a large truck to move items in. Over the years there have been improvements in both the equipment and techniques used to help avoid not only unnecessary damage to items but unnecessary injuries to the movers themselves. Our goal in this brief write up is simply to make you more comfortable with your decision to utilize our services; to understand how much we care about your personal belongings and our employees.

Padded, Wrapped, and Secured
Everything we move is padded with moving blankets, wrapped in heavy gauge stretch wrap and secured safely in our trucks. This helps alleviate stress on both our customers and ourselves. Like you, we would rather avoid suffering unnecessary damage to your personal items. You can feel safe and comfortable knowing you are getting the very best service with Brooks Moving and Hauling.

Shoulder Dollies
With the shoulder dolly lifting system, we remain upright at all times which greatly helps with our level of control. These dollies can handle 1000 lb and are especially beneficial when moving heavier items like furniture and upright pianos. The added maneuverability helps avoid damage around corners, upstairs and pretty much everywhere else. Your belongings never even touch the ground with this system. This also helps avoid scuff marks and other damage to walls, floors and the items themselves.

Hydraulic Furniture Movers
Our hydraulic furniture moving system is ideal for use in the professional transport of heavyweight items like large safes. This set of furniture movers easily slip underneath cupboards, safes, containers, and machinery and uses a hydraulic lift system to raise the load up to 10 inches off the ground. Add in the heavy-duty ratcheting straps for security and 360 degree 6-inch polyurethane caster wheels for maneuverability and you have a highly efficient and safe moving system.

A Local Moving Company You Can Trust
Brooks Moving and Hauling is in this for the long haul, no pun intended. We take pride in the quality of work and understand that trust is important in providing a comfortable moving experience. We want to be the moving company you can feel comfortable calling and recommend to your friends and family… we work hard for that.

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