The Business of Transparency

Gone are the days of the monstrous yellow book full of phone numbers and advertisements for local businesses. Most modern businesses have already made the transition online and those who haven’t are finding it increasingly difficult to operate.

Today people can simply ask their mobile device for anything from auto repair to pizza delivery. For a local business, it’s critical to be online and in most cases fighting to be found. Social media clearly plays a tremendous role here as well. It should be utilized as an invaluable tool and certainly never ignored.

With the advent of online reviews and testimonials transparency has become even more significant. It’s clearly important for a successful business to strive for those fantastic five-star reviews. As a result, significant power has shifted to the consumer as businesses are held accountable for their practices.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
In a sense, it’s about accountability and in a sense, it’s not. The companies doing business are certainly held accountable. There isn’t a whole lot of accountability, however, regarding the consumers themselves. This certainly makes the waters difficult to navigate for local businesses.

Any disgruntled client or nefariously motivated individual can truly sabotage a local business. In most circumstances, its doubtful people even realize the kind of damage they are doing or how it could seriously harm and even ruin a small business.

Founded On Integrity And Hard Work
Brooks Moving & Hauling sees more opportunity than risk, however, when it comes to our online presence. We love the chance to prove our worth and earn our customers trust.

We want five stars or we want to know why.

We feel we’ve truly earned each and every great review we have on Yelp, Facebook or Google. There are a number of factors that play into these five-star ratings. Brace yourself as we peek behind the curtain at Brooks Moving & Hauling and share a little bit our business model…

Firstly, we meet with our customer. We agree upon the date, the time and the cost of the move. Secondly, we sign a contract designed to protect both sides of the arrangement. Finally, we show up on the specified date at the agreed upon time and move what needs to be moved.

It doesn’t get simpler.

Of course, we also have to protect our customer’s belongings. We desperately want to protect their belongings in fact. The good name of Brooks Moving & Hauling and those fantastic five-star reviews depend upon it.

But there’s a catch!

In order for this to work as smoothly as we’ve made it sound our customer also must be transparent. Adding a shed full of old furniture and lawn equipment on the day of the move or deciding to add 42 miles to the route at the last minute is a bad idea. Obviously, that would also alter the original agreement.

Brooks Moving & Hauling will always be one hundred percent transparent in everything we do. We will be punctual, we will handle the move as carefully and efficiently as possible, and we will do it all for the agreed upon price… no hidden fees, no fine print. All we ask that our customers do the same.

This Is How Modern Business Should Be Conducted
In the end, it’s not just that Brooks Moving & Hauling wants your business. You see, we want your business the next time you need something moved as well. In addition to that, we also want your friends business, we want your families business, and we want your friend’s families business too!

It’s called brand loyalty and it’s built through trust.

Therefore we will indeed continue to operate with one hundred percent transparency. We want our customers to feel confident about hiring Brooks Moving & Hauling for all of their moving needs.

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